European Parliament Translation and Interpreting Corpus

The European Parliament Translation and Interpreting Corpus (EPTIC) is an intermodal parallel corpus comprised of speeches delivered at the European Parliament, as well as their official interpretations and translations. The corpus has been compiled based on data collected from the official website of the European Parliament, where verbatim reports and videos of the speeches with multilingual audio tracks are made publicly available (until 2011 together with the official translations). Sub-corpora are aligned to each other at sentence level, and transcripts of speeches and interpretations are time-aligned with the corresponding videos.

Due to its unique structure, EPTIC allows its users to compare:

  • interpretations and translations (in various languages)
  • interpreted or translated language with non-interpreted or non-translated language
  • native English with non-native English
  • orthographic transcripts with video recordings

EPTIC is a collaborative effort of a team of researchers led by the University of Bologna. At present EPTIC includes texts in English, French and Italian, but a few other European languages will soon enrich the collection (among them Finnish, Polish and Slovene). The corpus can be accessed via NoSketch Engine (RychlĂ˝ 2007), which is an open source corpus management system allowing multiple alignments.

For more information on the corpus, see the documentation section.

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